The goal of the Dommel Valley platform is knowledge exchange and mutual cross-fertilisation to come to robust designs for the high tech industry. The base methodology promoted by the platform is Development Quality by using Reliability Engineering and DfSS: Design for Six Sigma.

The platform has been initiated in 2007 by Philips, IBIS University of Amsterdam, Aalberts Industries and Holland Innovative. Over 3.000 Black Belts, Green Belts and Reliability Engineers have been trained and coached since the establishment of the platform.

Key in the trainings is the relation with practice, trainees have to bring their own projects. Special contributions are made by members in their specialised field. The curriculum and its quality are controlled by the University of Amsterdam (Design for Six Sigma) and the University of Stuttgart (Reliability), resulting in an university certification.

The partners of the platform meet twice a year at one of the sites of the members of the platform. The meeting always includes a factory visit (including the test lab facilities), a presentation of latest developments, technologies or a special topic and alignment of the annual program.

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Dommel Valley Platform